Training & Awareness Materials

Training on the issue of human trafficking has become an incredibly important issue in Minnesota and around the country. As the incidence of trafficking continues to increase, there have been few reliable training resources to address this complicated problem. The MNHTTF does not endorse or recommend any particular individuals or organizations, but has identified the following local and national training materials, reports, and resources to ensure that reliable information is available throughout our state. Please also see the Local Trainers & Speakers page for more information

Local Training & Awareness Materials: 

The Advocates for Human Rights Sex Trafficking and Safe Harbor Resource Packet
The goal of this resource packet is to facilitate the movement to combat trafficking by providing accessible, consistent information about sex trafficking and the Safe Harbor law. Materials include a PowerPoint presentation, supplemental handouts, and resources for specific systems professionals.

Ramsey County Attorney’s Office – Training Materials

Hard-copies of these materials, as well as a “Street Officer Resource Guide” for frontline law enforcement, may also be requested from the Safe Harbor office at the Minnesota Department of Health:

Lauren Ryan
Safe Harbor Director
(651) 201-5412

MNHTTF Fact Sheets

National Training & Awareness Materials:

Additional MNHTTF educational and awareness materials coming soon!