MNHTTF Initiatives

As a multidisciplinary task force, MNHTTF works on a number of initiatives each year to improve Minnesota’s response to human trafficking. Initiatives are completed at a committee level, with guidance and leadership provided by the Steering Committee.

MNHTTF Steering Committee

Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force leadership is provided by the following organizations through participation on the Steering Committee:

  • The Advocates for Human Rights
  • The Family Partnership/PRIDE
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • The Link
  • Minnesota Department of Health
  • Minnesota Department of Public Safety
  • Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition
  • St. Paul Police/Vick Task Force

The Steering Committee is currently working a through a strategic planning process. We will be announcing new initiatives soon. In the meantime, all committees below are temporarily on hold, with the exception of the Legislative Policy Committee and the Labor Committee. Please check back soon for updates.

MNHTTF Committees

Data Committee

This Committee is summarizing the best available evidence related to the occurrence of trafficking and its causes; reviewing information about best practices for prevention, services for survivors, and criminal justice system response to victims and perpetrators; and determining how MN can better coordinate its trafficking data.

Labor Committee

This Committee exists to ensure focus on labor trafficking as a distinct yet intertwined issue with sex trafficking. The Team is summarizing the best available information and evidence regarding the occurrence of labor trafficking in Minnesota and identifying organizations and individuals who do work around the issue of labor trafficking.

Communications Committee

This Committee has translated research into MNHTTF Fact Sheets and has also developed the MNHTTF website that serves as a central statewide resource for conveying important information about trafficking to various sectors and communities. Ongoing projects include management of the website, marketing/ communications and social media activities.

Legislative Policy Committee

This Committee furthers the work of the original 2006 legislatively-mandated MN Human Trafficking Task Force- developing a public policy response to trafficking. This includes vetting and suggesting policies that address trafficking.


Health Care/Public Health Committee

Formerly an active committee, this is now an on-line listserv for health care professionals.

Educational Systems Committee

This committee is working to bring the collective knowledge of the Task Force more directly to students, staff and parents from an educational lens.  The team is focusing on what systems, structures, and supports can be built or reinforced to combat all aspects and factors around trafficking, both for victims/potential victims and perpetrators. The work of this committee will include opportunities for academic institutions policy development, curriculum development, and resources for schools within Minnesota and nationally.

Prevention Committee

This Committee is reviewing the best available evidence on the root causes of trafficking as well as the results of evaluated prevention initiatives, in order to determine a comprehensive trafficking prevention agenda.