Our Role & Purpose

The purpose of the Minnesota Human trafficking Task Force (MNHTTF) is to end human trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation in Minnesota through a coordinated, multidisciplinary, statewide response. MNHTTF is comprised of governmental and non-governmental agencies and is an important resource for those working on the issue of human trafficking.

MNHTTF was established in 2006 by state legislation (Minnesota Statute ยง 299A.79). Since its inception, MNHTTF has brought together stakeholders from across the sate to address human trafficking.

The 2006 legislation establishing MNHTTF sunset in 2011. At that time, the Minnesota Department of Health Sexual Violence Prevention Program assumed responsibility from the Department of Public Safety for convening and coordinating MNHTTF. MNHTTF has met quarterly since 2006 and has grown from an original group of 22 members to over 500 statewide contacts and supporters.

Specifically, the Statewide Human Trafficking Task force has been instrumental in enacting strong legislation to give law enforcement and prosecutors clear guidance and strong tools for addressing the problem of human trafficking in Minnesota.

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